Saitama Inu Airdrop: Earn 500,000 Saitama using This Strategy 2021

Hello, Saitama lovers. We’re very very happy to announce the official lunch of the project. We’ve been working very very hard to make everything ready and there we are for the free 500,000 Saitama Inu airdrop worths $120.

Saitama Inu Airdrop: Earn 500,000 Saitama using This Strategy 

change know, the goal is to change the financial situation of individuals and crypto enthusiasts all over the world, and that is what gonna happen.

Saitama Inu Token

This project will officially be operational on the first decentralized Exchanger in the world ( pancakeswap). By December 18h 2021 at 6 AM (US), the token will be available and you will be able to hold it.

Remember, the token will pump very very faster so try to buy the token as soon as possible when it will be Launched.

How To Earn 500,000 Saitama Inu Airdrop

To earn Saitama Inu airdrop follow this strategy below.

Saitama Inu Airdrop Bot.

✅ 1 SAITAMA = 0.00000011$

❇️ You Earn 2000000 SAITAMA for joining

🟢 Get 500000 SAITAMA For each valid Referral

✓ The ERC20 Token is already Listed everywhere, we’re launching the BEP20 version.

✓ The Airdrop Will end on 20th December and the Distribution Starts from 23 December

✅ Complete The following Task to be eligible for the Airdrop.

✏️ Tasks:

🔷 Join our Official Telegram Channel

🔷 Follow us on Twitter

🔷 Join Our Sponsor’s Telegram Channel

🔷 Subscribe to our YouTube channel

🔷 Follow Us on Instagram

NOTE: All tasks are mandatory, if you don’t complete them, your account will be rejected when we will start the distribution because we will check everything step by step.

Saitama Contract Address


Token Name: Saitama Inu


Decimal: 9

Hope you got value, please don’t miss this great opportunity to claim 500,000 Saitama Inu token airdrop and make more profits.

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