Hanacoin Airdrop: How To Claim 100000 HANA Airdrop Free

Hanacoin Airdrop: How To Claim 100000 HANA Airdrop Free

Hanacoin Airdrop: How To Claim 100000 HANA Airdrop Free

Welcome to crypto, as we all know that Hanacoin is airdropping 100000 Hanacoin tokens (~$20) to the community members. Learn how to claim 100,000 Hanacoin airdrop to your trust wallet below.

You can earn up to 20000 additional tokens by referring the program to your friends and family via social media channels:

What Is Hanacoin?

Hanacoin is an incentivized, self-regulated system for the global remittance industry. It is a cryptocurrency that will be used to purchase goods, pay for services and send money to people all over the world.

Users will be able to send Hanacoin anywhere in the world within minutes, free of charge. The Hanacoin network will allow users to easily buy or sell them on exchanges, using fiat currency or other digital currencies.

How To Claim 100000 HANACOIN Airdrop Free

1 HANA β‰ˆ $0.0004749 USD πŸ’΄

πŸ’° Reward: 100000 HANA ~$50
πŸ‘₯ Referral: 20000 HANA ~$10
πŸš€ Airdrop Link:


πŸ’² Listed on: Probit πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

βœ… Start Telegram Bot.
βœ… Join Telegram Channel.
βœ… Submit your HANA wallet address.

Hanacoin Contract Address


How to create Hanacoin Wallet on Trust Wallet

First, download Trustwallet and set up the password. Remember to keep your recovery phrase safe.

HANA Token Details:

Contract Address:


Network: Tron
Token Standard: TRC20
Name: Hanacoin
Symbol: HANA
Decimals: 10

Note:Β Airdrop distribution date is October 10, 2021grab this opportunity now and share with others.

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