Stormgain review – How To Trade Without Investment

Stormgain review – How To Trade Without Investment

Welcome to 99loads crypto hub, in today’s article we’re going to be reviewing stormgain all in one crypto platform with zero commission.

Stormgain review - How To Trade Without Investment

So we’re going to study Stormgain activities and reviewing their exchange the crypto trading signal the wallet the crypto index trading and also looking at their loyalty program the crypto bitcoin mining and the zero commission structure fees.

Stormgain Trading Platform

so let’s start this is their platform they have a very nice website you can see all their last 24 hours volatility chart here 24-hour change so let’s look at their exchange so take chains once you register you can you’ll see this layout so you have on the ventral side to the left side you have the actual the order book and the chart and then you have on the right side the ability to trade by inserting the amount selecting the leverage and you have below you have the take profit.

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Stop-loss now in regards to depositing your money you  options one is to deposit USD which USDthe pegged to dollar stablecoin option two to use your credit card to acquire USDT all right,

How To Trade On Stormgain Without Investment

so this is the two option you have you click  here and then you obviously will have the option and then you have multiple cryptocurrency you can trade on, for example, you have ethereum, xrp, litecoin bitcoin cash and then if you want to receive more help you can get some crypto trading signal now the best way to see if it’s worth the time and the effort is obviously testing them on there their trading signal on the demo account and then try to measure what is your success rate once you have a better understanding of what is your success rate with a trading signal and if it’s in line with your current success rate or even if it’s better that’s still that’s when you should consider using now if you have other cryptocurrencies and you want to convert a demo to exchange it to another cryptocurrency.

You can also do it with the crypto wallet for example and if you are looking to get yourself exposed to a specific group of cryptocurrency they created a different type of index that take the top three or the top five or the top then for example of the cryptocurrency in most cases based on the market cap and actually if all top 3 go up you make money.

How Stormgain Trading Works

if all top 3 y go down you also lose money it’s a bit to diversify to lower the risk and then you have the zero commission plan, which is unique so they are offering a zero commission crypto trading.

Is Stormgain Legit Or Fake?

You pay only when you gain so only when you make a profit that’s the only time you’re gonna be paying commission so the way it works is if you’re lost on a trade they’re not going to charge you any commission and only when you make a profit they’re going to charge you a 10% of your profit.

So they’re going to charge you on top of it. So let’s say you put  10 dollars and then you make twenty dollars they’re gonna be taking those two dollars as an example which is the ten percent of your profit, okay this is the whole concept which is kind of unique kind of exciting kind of different and again if you’re too successful I would say this will not be so good for you if you tend to lose you know that you’re not losing because of the fees so I think this is also kind of nice concept.

Stormgain review - How To Trade Without Investment

How to signup on StormGain

This now if you are looking to let’s see here so if you are looking to start trading and you want to start small what we’re offering you guys you have the ability to get $25 dollars in reward if you decide to join and sign up to this platform by investing at least one hundred dollars or 100 USDT you’ll be receiving $25 bonus so I’m going to eave all the information below also going to give you guys all the review.

StormGain Promo Code

Here you will get 15% of the referral mined fund including a $3 bonus for registration. Register with this link below:

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