See Five Nigeria Nollywood Actress Who Gave Birth White Children (details)

See Five Nigeria Nollywood Actress Who Gave Birth White Children (details)

Here is a list of 5 Nigerian Celebrities Who Gave Birth to White Children (Photos), Children are indeed blessings from God, and no matter the skin tone or complexion they bring so much joy to their parent. See photos of the celebrities as you read through.

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1. Karen Igho

Big Brother Africa 2011 winner, Karen Igho got married to her long-time boyfriend, Yaroslav Rakos in 2014 and in 2015, welcomed a bouncing baby boy who as you can see from the picture above came out looking very white.

2. Ufuoma McDermott

Ufuoma McDermott, maiden name: Ufuoma Ejenobor on 23rd April, 2010 got married to her Irish husband, Steven McDermott.

Not long after their wedding ceremony, Ufuoma welcomed her children to this world and both of her children as you can see from the picture above look half-white. In this case, they indeed are because their father is Irish.

3. Browny Igboegwu

At this point, maybe you might be saying ‘oh, but the people on this list have white spouses’, well then what do you say about Nigerian actor Browny Igboegwu who welcomed a baby girl last year with his wife. The girl came out looking very white as evidence in the picture above.

It is not the strangest thing in the world. This happens all over the world, and if you need evidence of it happening here in Nigeria as well, I’ve just given you five you can look at. My friend had to shut up after I gave him my list, hopefully this list can do same for any doubting Thomases in your life.

4. Anita Hogan

Former Nigerian actress Anita Hogan married a Dutch husband, Ted Mak in 2006 who sadly passed away in 2019. With Ted, Anita had a couple of children and as you can see from the picture above, the complexion between Anita and her children is wildly different.
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