GRANDPA DOGE LAUNCHED: How To Claim Grandpa Airdrop

GRANDPA DOGE LAUNCHED: How To Claim Grandpa Airdrop

Hello guys, welcome to 99loads Grandpa Doge launching ceremony and Token analysis . As the token will be launched today Saturday 18th, September 2021.

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Check out everything you need to know about grandpa token, how to claim airdrop and contract address.

What Is Grandpa Token?

Grandpa token is one of the oldest member of the Doge family, but also the wisest, is a project based on memes. The token is deflated, with a rate of 12.5%, of which 8% goes directly to liquidity, 4% to reflection holders and 0.5% to the group’s marketing portfolio.

The project also includes anti-spill and anti-whale mechanisms, with a 1.5% maximum supply transaction and a 2.5% maximum portfolio limit. With these tokenomics, this token is here to compete with the rest of the family!

GRANDPA DOGE contract address : How To Claim 200,000 Airdrop Free

How to claim GRANDPA Doge Airdrop

  • Step 1: Register using the Invitation Link found below.
  • Step 2: Join GRANDPA Telegram Channel. As you register and join the Telegram channel, you will receive 10 GRANDPA and If you refer you’ll get bonus of 10 GRANDPA.
  • Step 3 Get GRANDPA airdropped during launch on 18th September

Grandpa Doge Contract Address


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